Why Is My Listening Bad!

“Why is my listening bad?”

Nearly all English learners in Iran have have this question about listening comprehension and just do not know what to do for it.

In this post, first, we are going to know the reasons and then learn how to solve the problem for a better listening comprehension.

1-      Not every word!

Because English is not your first language, at the beginning, it is nearly impossible to understand all words that come out of the speakers


Just try to get the important words I mean the words that are louder, more difficult. If you try to understand every word, you will miss the rest of the speech.

2-      Haven’t heard of it?

Sometimes you do not understand the speakers only because you do not know the words that they use. They are just new!


First, try not to work on listening tasks that are too difficult for you! And second, study the new and difficult words of the listening before you start doing the listening task!

3-      It is a guess game!

If you do not want to guess what the words and sentences are, you are going to miss a lot! Listening comprehension is a guess game!!


When you are listening to the audio track try to use your grammar, vocabulary, intonation of the speakers and the topic to help you understand the words and sentences that are more difficult to get!

4-      Yours is different!?

How do you say the word “clerk” at the ILI? Now check the British pronunciation and it has the same pronunciation as the word “clock”!!!  Sometimes you don’t understand even a simple slow conversation just because they say the words differently (I mean they say them with British, Australian… accents) or you it may be because you have not learned the pronunciation of that word well!


It is simple; check your dictionary more often and try to listen to different accents by listening to BBC or other things that do not have American English!

5-      Your brain gets tired, too!

Just like other parts of the body, you brain gets tired after listening to something hard for some time!


For the start, when you feel you are tired, get a 10 minute rest. Of course, by practicing more, you can listen to longer conversations later!

6-      No picture, like a dark room!

If your listening is not good and you want to practice without a teacher, it is difficult to do listening tasks without the help of pictures. Imagination is weak at the beginning!


If you are a beginner, you should choose listening tasks with lots of pictures to help you guess the vocabulary and the topic more easily.

7-      I think I just can’t do it!

If you think you cannot do it, so you most probably cannot! Most difficult things get easy when you are sure you can do them easily!


Always choose a good and interesting listening task and be prepared and you should not worry about anything!  It is going to be a piece of cake!!

8-      It is too noisy out there!

Advanced listening tasks must have some background noise and sometimes come with low quality of sound! But for the beginners it just makes it impossible to understand the speakers.


If you think noise is bad for your understanding the conversations, first choose an easy and noiseless listening audio track and also go to a quieter place to work on it! You will see how better your listening ability will get!

9-      Problems again!?

OK, it is better to see a doctor and show yourself! No really! I mean it! Many things can damage your ears like loud music especially using headphones or ear buds. Use technology for yourself not against yourself!


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