Ten Questions YOU Should Ask At a Job Interview!

Job interviews are one of the most stressful situations in nearly everyone’s life. There are many things that we usually do before going to an interview from revising our resume, to preparing the right suit, and of course searching for websites and books about top tips and questions that are frequently asked by the interviewer. But have you ever thought if you can or should ask any questions, too? Well, if you have, the answer is a “yes”!. One good reason is that the interviewer ,usually toward the end of the interview, will ask “Is there anything you would like to know?” and “No, not really..” can be the worst answer from you because you are missing the chance of introducing your personality better and making sure if you really like this job or not! There is one thing to remember here and that is you should not start asking questions until the interviewer asks for it. Also, you should have some questions ready before entering the room.

Although there is no fixed formula, here in this post, first we try to give you some basic ideas of what your questions might be about and finally, what questions can be the best ones.


The “Don’t s”

  • Don’t ask about salary, vacations, or other benefits. These questions are for the time when you are sure that they want to hire you. Show that you are interested in the company and the work.
  • Don’t ask questions that show you are unhappy about the company. Be polite!
  • Don’t ask questions that show you don’t know enough about the company or the organization.
  • Don’t ask questions that have easy and available answers everywhere.
  • Don’t ask open ended questions that are good for staring an everyday conversation.
  • Don’t try to use your own words for technical and scientific ideas. Use the company or the industry words (terminology)

Here are some example questions:


10-What Would a Usual Day At work Be Like?

This can be a good question because it is a “we” question not a “you” one. It shows you  are interested in the job and that you ,from now, are a part of their organization. How about this one: Can you tell me about what my day would be like at work? Of course, you can have your own version of questions with the same meaning.

9- What Would I Work On?

By asking this question you will show that you are interested in what the company or the organization is doing. This type of question also shows the good things from the question number one. Here is one example : “What projects would I probably be working on during the first weeks on the job?”

8- Why Are You Hiring For This Job?

This is a reasonable question. “Is this a new position?” can be a good one. Naturally, when the answer is “Yes” ,you can have more questions and discussion.

If the answer is a “No”, again you can have some other questions to ask like “why did the previous person in the job leave?”

7- Who Is The Big Cheese?

Well, you definitely do not want to ask the question with the words I used here! That is too informal. Don’t forget it: Be polite! The real one is “To whom will I report if I have this position?” This question can give you a lot of information about the organization’s structure. Also, you can learn about your close coworkers and the probable people who you will supervise.

6- Where Are We Going?

Now we know that most of the questions we ask must have two advantages:

  1. Getting more information about our future organization
  2. Showing the interviewer that you are really interested and good enough for the job

So, asking a question about the company’s future plans can be a good idea. Try this: Are there any changes or new programs in this job?”

5- How Did You Start?

A great question to start a conversation: “How did you start working at this company and how has it been like?”

The interviewer will most probably like this question. Lots of useful information about the job will come out of this nice more friendly conversation and even you can use it for the second interview that you will hopefully have.

4- What Is It Really Like?

“What do you think is the best thing about this job and what is the most difficult part to deal with?” Again, this question can help to get the interviewer keep talking. It shows that the interviewer’s opinions are important to you. It means you understand that even the best organization has its problems but you are not afraid of them.

3- How Can I Make It Here?

Here is a good question: “What skills or education will I need for success in this position?” This question has many advantages:

  • It can help you in future follow up interviews.
  • It can show them your abilities.
  • It can help you know how you should improve.
  • It can show you the real face of the job for better decisions.

2- What Is The Ideal Candidate For This Job Like?

Sure, this is another way of asking about the skills and abilities for the job. But it may also help you to get the interviewer tell you about the organizations values.

And now the big question

1- Will You Hire Me? Please?

No, No ,No ! You should not ask it so directly. Start by saying that you are really interested in jobs then ask “When do you think you will decide about this job?” or” What will be the next step for hiring for this job?” Here is a more direct question that needs braver people:” Do you think you will be having me back here for the second interview?” If you hear “NO”, “Why not?” can be a good, but most probably the last question!  It is good because it can help you clear any probable misunderstanding or wrong impression that the interviewer might have. Also, it will be good lesson for other interviews somewhere else. There is always hope! Who knows, maybe there a better job waiting for you out there!


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