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MPLC’s Four Language Skills For General English

No need to say, after living in a real English speaking world , a private English course is the best choice for a good English learner to guarantee his/her future success in other countries … Our complete courses will teach you all four skills (Listening,Speaking,Reading,Writing) and guide you to master them for International English Exams.

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MPLC’s Other Integrated Courses

Listening & Speaking

Perfect Your Conversations

Little Homework

We Mix Listening And Speaking Skills Only . These Courses Are Great For People Who Want To Understand And Talk To Their English Speaking Friends.

Reading & Writing

Perfect Your Writing

No Speaking Drills

Here We Combine The Two Skills Of Reading And Writing For Those Who Want To have Formal Communication With Companies And Other Business

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MPLC’s Other Activities

For graduate or advanced learners of English who do not feel the need to learn more and want to use their skills we have other programs.

Our 10-session meetings provide you with lots of nice and hot topics about everything but the kitchen sink. We meet in a coffee shop or any fun enviroment and just talk and visit. There is no homework,no teaching but a few hints and and we go on…
Take a great tour around  with a professional tour guide . It is a combination of sightseeing and learning lots of good stuff about Yazd .The number of participants for this program varies from one to 15..
Great moments with friends in the country plus stretching a leg will create memorable events. There will be a half-a-day hike with a pot luck breakfast experience….
There are hundreds of words and expressions you might hear here and there and you can’t ever find them in regular dictionaries . Understanding them will add the last piece to the puzzle of your English vocabulary. Are you game!?

In these busy days, matching specific times for sitting in a class is a challenging thing to do. On the other hand,information technology seems to have something for this problem: Social Media Networks. Recently, MPLC, has added online classes with a focus on writing, listening,reading, and even speaking! This way start your class anywhere, even on the bus,train, or you name it!

Contact Your Tutor Here Through Telegram TELEGRAM

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Why Choose Us

Well, if taking private courses is a good choice, on the other hand it can be expensive ,too! But since there is “no rule” for tuition(s) ,beside giving perfect teaching, we are free to say our courses are much more reasonable : Maximum 500000 Rls for one 75-minute session. Quality & Payment are different with MPLC! 

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What Students Say

Well I want to express my gratitude toward Mr.Mofidi for helping me getting my TOEFL degree, We worked hard for almost a year and half but I ‘ve got to say that was the best time of my life. I needed a TOEFL degree for studying abroad so I decided to take some private classes and just with a little research I noticed that everybody’s suggesting Mr.Mofidi, so we started our classes from 2 sessions in a week to 2 classes a DAY!! It was very tough but it was worth it. maybe ILI students won’t believe it but he was sometimes actually quite funny and we both shared some laughter at times .


Amir Hossein G., Student
Firstly, I would like to appreciate Mr. Mofidi who gave me a huge help in taking a TOEFL degree. He not only helped me take the TOEFL degree but also taught me the correct way of studying English. In this way, he really motivated me in continuing my English lessons as fun not just for taking a test. We had some coherent private classes for about five months with 2 sessions a week and sometimes 1 session a week. It should be noted that Mr. Mofidi is kind of severe teacher and of course, I think his severity helped me succeed. To be frank, at first I was not familiar with him, however, his way of teaching encouraged me to continue and I think I`m a kind of lucky person as I found his website interesting for learning English . There is another thing that is worth some words here: Mr. Mofidi is an on-time person with a well-organized program and we never had any delays for our classes unless there was an emergency situation like as I remember, we had a class even at Yalda night!


Mahtab Gh., Student
“Hi All,

…….Like others, I would like to share my experience with other students who want to get the TOEFL degree. I’ve never been in another private class, so I cannot compare it with others. Just I can say that I needed a class to guide me for the speaking section of TOEFL in a very limited time (around 1 week) and this class was a really good one and with the help of the comments I got from Mr. Mofidi, I could improve my English in a short time. One of the things that I really want to mention is that he is on time and he considers the time when he is teaching. All of us want to use every minutes of the class. I remember that one day, he was looking for an audio track in the computer for a while and he told me”It’s been around 3 minutes that I have been looking for it. Instead, I will stay longer.” I got really surprised when he said that. Hope you all have a good experience in his classes as I did.


Abbasipour , Student