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When you are sure you have already gotten prepared for the exam and know how to reduce your stress just before or during the exam, you will need to know what to do for taking the test. There are different kinds of test formats in the world. Two of the most usual ones are the essay type examinations and multiple choice tests (started from about 1925). Multiple choice questions usually include a phrase or a “stem” and then there are three to five choices. Here you are going to get some useful advice about how to get the best result at a multiple choice exam session.

General Test strategies:

Read the Directions and See What You Should Do Exactly.

It is surprising to know that how many students get a terrible result just because they did not read the directions or did not listen to the teacher or the instructor. For example, find out how many choices each question has or get to know if you can guess (Are there negative points for wrong answers?) Also, try to know how much time you have, etc.

Scan the Test!

Read the test quickly and answer the easiest questions first. Remember those questions that you think you know.

The Second Scan

Read the test a second time and answer average questions. The things that you learned from the first scan can help you here,

The final Scan

If time allows, review both questions and answers. You will see how many correct answers you can get by doing this!

Well, up to now we have learned about the general way of taking the test. But test taking is actually answering each question properly. Read the rest of the post and learn.

  • Cover the choices, read the stem (question), and try to answer .Then uncover the choices and the right answer is twinkling to you!!  😉 


  • Also you can read the stem with each choice one by one and think of it as a true-false question, and choose the “true”. True or false questions are nicer to answer, aren’t they?  🙂 



But there are sometimes some questions that we call them “hard”. We will break them together here! Do not worry!

  • Forget the choices that you are sure they are incorrect. Some choices seem to be shouting that they are wrong! So why spend a lot of time on them. (for learning more about these kinds of questions click here)
  • Again Give each choice of a question the “true-false test:”
  • Forget the choices that are grammatically wrong according to the question (stem).
  • Forget the choices that are completely unfamiliar to you. It is very improbable for a standard test to make questions with completely unfamiliar words. Try to find the answer among the choices that you have seen and studied before. 
  • Be careful with choices that have absolute words. Absolute words are always, never, every, all,… They are most probably the wrong choices.
  • Watch out “All of the above” If you are sure two of the three choices are correct; “all of the above” is the correct answer. Do not think twice about it!
  • Number answers can make things unpleasant at the final! In questions that are about numbers or something like that, delete the high and low numbers and consider the average ones. 
  • Be careful with “Look alike options”.  Sometimes you know that probably one choice is correct. Ok! Choose the best answer but delete choices that mean generally the same thing.
  • The best answer or the correct one? In many cases the direction says” Choose the best answer” and if you have not read the directions carefully, you will see that two or sometimes all choices can be the correct answer. Confusing ha?
  • Double negatives can be made easy! Some questions use double negative sentences which might be a bit confusing! It is easy to make a positive sentence with the same meaning. For example “Nothing is impossible “means “everything is possible”. You see that the second sentence is easier to understand.
  • Mirror choices or opposite choices are helpful twins. 😀  If you see that two choices are opposite each other, most probably the answer is one of them.
  • “The longer the better” here means that the choice that explains an idea with more words is more probably the correct answer.
  • If two alternatives seem correct, compare them and look for differences, then refer to the stem(question) to find your best answer


The Final Game

The final thing is guessing. It is for only the time you that have already followed everything I said but they did not work. Be careful! Before you start the guessing game at the final exam, make sure that there is no negative point for wrong answers. If there is, leave the questions unanswered and wish for luck!


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