Is It Possible That Imam Mahdi (a.s) Is More Than 1200 Years Old?

Many people these days think that it is impossible to live for many centuries and humans live only for maximum 100 and some years . But we believe that Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥasan al-Mahdī (ATF) who was born on July 29, 869 is now about 1143 years old and is living on our planet ; fourteen times the average age of an ordinary person. Is it ever possible for human to be this old?

The answer is yes for these reasons:

If You believe in God ….

We believe God is absolute power and can do anything that must be done.

God made fire cool and pleasant for Ebrahim.(A.S)

God gave Moses those abilities to change a oiece of wood into a huge snake.

God brought the female pregnant  camel from inside the rocks of a mountain

And if you read history there are many of these things that are not related just to Muslims but to other major religions of the world..

So you see if you believe in God ‘s power over everything , it is no surprise that imam al Mahdi (ATF) is still living on this Erath and looks only about 40 years old.

If you read history…..

In fact, Imam Mahdi will not live forever. But the difference is the length of life in this world. Quran and history tell us that some people have had/are having long life in this world. From many people that you may hear or read are the following:

Prophet Noah was just prophet for 950 years? In fact, he was alive even more than that because we should add his age before becoming a prophet to 950. Who knows how much it was!

Do you agree that Prophet Jesus (AS) is still alive? According to Bible he is in fact more than 2000 years old now. Of course, he is not living on Earth right now; he is living in the Heavens. But he will come back and be with imam Mahdi.

Do you agree that al-Khidr (AS) is still alive? Quran talks about his story with Moses (AS). He existed before the birth of the Prophet Moses (AS), so al-Khidr (AS) is now more than 3000 years old. He lives right here on this Earth, but we cannot recognize him .

Science, the incomplete science…..

You do not believe in God?!


You do not want to accept that historians were right!?

If you think science answers all questions and we should think scientifically in these days, continiue reading this article.

When something is impossible to do now, it does not always mean that it is scientifically impossible. For example we cannot go to the Venus now. It is not because we do not have the technology of moving the human or spaceships to that planet. We have already gone to the moon! But the only thing is that the distance is longer!!

Today scientists believe that living for hundreds of years is scientifically possible and some of them even say that there is no limit for human lifespan!  But their only problem is that they do not still know how, and we believe that Imam Mahdi does.

Also there are other scientific facts about the possibility of living for a long life in this world! Here are some of them:

About 250 million year-old bacteria, bacillus permians, were came back to life after scientists found them in sodium chloride crystals in a cave in New Mexico. Russell Vreeland, and colleagues from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, reported on October 18, 2000 that they had the hallobacteria came back to life after after giving them their right food.

A bristlecone pine tree  with the nickname “Prometheus”, was cut  in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada in 1964. Scientist say it is about 4,900 years old. They say it is the longest lived organism in the world!

A bacterium! a tree ! Simple creatures of nature!

Do you think a human, the most intelligent, complex and complicated creature cannot live 1143 years ?

He,the 12th Imam is known by many titles in Shia like:

  • Al-Muntathar (the Awaited one)
  • Al-Qa’im (the Rising one)
  • Sahab az-Zaman (the Master of the Age)
  • Imam az-Zaman (the Leader of the Age)
  • Wali al-‘Asr (the Guardian of the Era or alternatively, the Guardian in the Twilight [of man])
  • Al-Hujjah (the Proof [of Allah’s justice]…….

Looking Forward To Seeing Him Soon!

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