Interview With Mrs. Jalalian

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mrs. Jalalian , is a colleague beyond the definition of a professional teacher . Usually ,her students don’t “like” her..but love her personality and character.. She not only teaches but touches her learners’ heart…Simply put, she is great !

Hello and thank you for interviewing this website . Please tell us about yourself and how long have you been an English teacher?

I got my M.A in TEFL in 1383 and my B.A in English Translation in 1371. I joined the ILI in 1375.Currently, besides working full-time for the ministry of education as an English teacher, I am also continuing my teaching career as a part time teacher at Payam-e-Noor and Farhangian Universities, as well as the ILI due to my interest in teaching English. I presented my first lecture in the first international conference in Hamadan ,and the second one in the seventh international conference in Yazd. I also presented two national lectures in Tehran and Yazd. I have two kids. Pooya ,20, studies electronic engineering in Shahid Beheshti University, and Kimia,17 ,is in grade three in talented students’ high school.

Which levels do you teach at the ILI?

All levels from B1 to Ad3

Do you wish you had another job? Why?

Honestly,I’ve always been into studying medicine, I’ve never looked at it as a job, though. As a career, I think no job is more prestigious than teaching at the ILI.

How do you think ILI classes are different! I mean the students? Why?

You might think that students in the ILI are more motivated  than the high school students but, to me a good teacher knows how to arise the students’ motivation. So to me the students are all the same everywhere. I can well remember the years I had classes with kar-o-Danesh students. Although they were so weak at English, I could successfully manage the classes. Today after about fifteen years we are still in touch and I’m honored to say that they have all gotten their degree in English from different universities.

What kind of students are the best in your opinion? Why?

Those who know why they are learning English, as a result they try their best to achieve what they are expected to, and they will never feel devastated if they fail!!

Who is your best co worker at the ILI?

always tried to get on well with all of my colleagues at the ILI & I love them all. The ones with whom I started my career at the ILI are still in my heart, among them are Ms. Vesali, Mr. Pesaran, Mr. Iranizade, Ms. Farid, and Ms. Alame. I wish them all the best.

What is your favorite level to teach? Why?

In comparison to the other levels, I enjoy teaching H3 & Ad3. The books are wonderfully beautiful, with all those informative passages & the students are relatively much better.

What is your best memory at the ILI? In or out of classes

I’ll never forget the day I presented my lecture at the ILI. It gave me a thrill to see Dr.Sasan Baleghizadeh coming from Tehran to participate in my lecture. He & my colleagues who were & still are my supporters warmly applauded my speech. It was great & I owe it all to Mr.Ghafoori,God bless him, whose support & encouragement helped me in this way.

What are your hobbies?

Reading, Reading & Reading and after that cooking!

Do you see movies?

No I’m not much into watching movies.

Which post of do you recommend English students to read?

Every part of your website is useful and informative and I highly recommend it to both my students and my colleagues everywhere.

Anything else?…..

Thanks for inviting me to your website. I wish you best of luck.

Thank you for your time. Good luck 

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