Interview With Mr.Mirhosseini

He  has been one of the main teachers of the ILI  for many years, and a true stand out in his field. He has a great understanding of Teaching English and a great appreciation of what it takes to truly make a lesson continue on a path of progress, and a remarkable vision of the future hopes of English teaching environment. Besides , he  is one the first teachers at the ILI (Yazd Branch) .Finally, he  is also just a fascinating person and we’re all in for a friendly chat today. Please join me in having a conversation with Mr. Mirhosseini .

Hello and  thank you for you time and attention .I know you are very busy and I really appreciate your presence here for this interview. You know , besides my special interest to have you here , many students have referred to us asking for this interview with you…

Please tell us about yourself sir ?

Hello I was born in a big family with six children, four boys and two girls. My father wasn’t originally from Yazd but my mother was. I used “was” because they both passed away some ten, twelve years ago. My eldest brother is a retired high school teacher. The next one, two years younger, is a neuro-surgeon. And the baby of the family is also completing his studies in neuro sciences at Tabriz University. Both my sisters are teachers, one in Tehran and the other one in Yazd. I have 3 children, two daughters and a son. The eldest, my daughter, is a medical doctor, and the second kid is studying for M.S.  and the third one is also studying for M.S.  in Tehran at the time being.

Very good ! .. and how long have you been an English teacher?

My wife is a retired high school teacher and I myself have been teaching English since I was a freshman.

Which levels do you teach at the ILI?

-I teach all levels at the ILI

Do you wish you had another job?

-Believe it or not, I have never fancied another job , never fed up with my career . The longer hours I teach the more I feel sort of energetic. I have had  many responsibilities before retirement including some experience of teaching in high school as well as the Azad university of Yazd for some years . However teaching at the ILI is something else because here love has substituted for hatred.

How do you think ILI classes are different! I mean the students?  and What kind of students are the best in your opinion Mr.Mirhossieni?

-The students who feel the necessity of English and its role in their future are the best because they try their best to improve their knowledge unlike those who come to classes to spend their time or have fun as their goals.

Who is your best co-worker at the ILI?( Except me 🙂 )

-All my colleague are very friendly and I enjoy their company. I really enjoy witnessing the endeavors they make to instruct their pupils.

What is your favorite level to teach? ?

-I enjoy teaching all levels. Honestly speaking, it makes no difference to me which level they offer me to teach.

What is your best memory at the ILI?

-I truly have memorable days at the ILI.  I have always praised the nobility of this domestic successful institute. I am proud of seeing my students as teachers who strive to teach in scorching or freezing climate conditions of this city.

What are your hobbies?

-I am sort of addicted to learning, so I spend most of my time reading. I also have three cute grandchildren, Aida, Aidin and  Setareh. They are my only playmates reminding me of my childhood where vague memory collects tears in my eyes feeling nostalgic for happier times. Fridays are favorable because I irrigate my trees as a farmhand helping the gardener in order to freshen the greenery which causes me to beam with pleasure.

Do you see movies?

-I do watch movies whenever I get the chance. However, some CDs sometimes are more enjoyable.

Which post of do you recommend English students to read? is sort of novelty , going to revolutionize the concepts regarding the acquisition of English!. I believe that it will surely encourage students to improve their know-how through the variety of extremely useful points . The site’s quality of being new and interesting versus the usual compulsary school methods is very promising.

Anything  else?

-Experience indicates that those equipped with English knowledge ,the key to the door of science and technology, have always been much more successful in gaining the things  they desire so I advise all our students to learn English with work  and determination.

Well,Thank you very much for your time Sir!

-Pleasure is mine!

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