Self Study – Asking About Future Plans

  • Do you think 4 hours of a public English class during a week is not enough for you?
  • Do you think you need to talk in English more to become better in speaking?
  • Do you think there nobody out of the class to help you practice your speaking?

Well, there are some ways to solve the problem!

  • You can go to another English speaking country for some time ,but that can be a very expensive and time taking idea!
  • Or you can take private classes everyday and improve your English ,but it is not going to be very good for your pocket!
  • Or you can chat on line for improving for that! Takes time, ha?

Fortunately there is another way that I myself have experienced. Talk to yourself!!!   Yes , really!   It’s great. In this article, we are going to learn many ways of how to make our home a classroom!

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be careful about the people who are around you! They might think you have a mental problem and may do some things for you such as taking you to a doctor or even to a mental health clinic. Do not forget to talk about your speaking program with them! 😉

Here are some useful phrases to talk about your or somebody’s future plans.

Asking about plans

What are your plans for (… summer)?
Have you decided (… where you’re going on holiday)?
What are you up to (… in summer?)
Are you going to Tabriz again for summer?

When you talk about your plans, use the present continuous tense:

I’m thinking of going to …
We’re planning to go to…
He’s hoping to go to…
I’m toying / playing with the idea of…

Other useful phrases

I’ve got my heart set on…
I’ve been dying to go to… (ever since I heard about it from my neighbor)
I’d love to go to Australia, but it’s too far / expensive
I can’t choose between Mashad and Shiraz…
I’m torn between Italy and France.

When your plans aren’t yet certain

It looks like… (we’re going to Cyprus)
As long as we can get our visa in time, we’ll be going to the USA
We’re not 100% sure, but we might be going to Egypt
It’s a toss-up between Greece and Spain.
We’re on the waiting list for a villa in Amol.

When your plans are all arranged

You can use the present perfect tense to announce your plans:

We’ve decided to go to Greece.
We’ve settled on Spain, after all.
They’ve opted for a camping holiday in France.
We’ve booked a weekend in a nice hotel in Paris.

Or use the going to future to talk about your intentions:

We’re going (to go) to the Algarve for two weeks in July.
She’s going to stay in a B&B in the Lakes with some work mates.

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    what are my plans for this summer?
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