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  • Do you think 4 hours of a public English class during a week is not enough for you?
  • Do you think you need to talk in English more to become better in speaking?
  • Do you think there nobody out of the class to help you practice your speaking?

Well, there are some ways to solve the problem!

  • You can go to another English speaking country for some time ,but that can be a very expensive and time taking idea!
  • Or you can take private classes everyday and improve your English ,but it is not going to be very good for your pocket!
  • Or you can chat on line for improving for that! Takes time, ha?

Fortunately there is another way that I myself have experienced: Talk to yourself!!!   Yes , really!   It’s great. In this article, we are going to learn many ways of how to make our home or any place out of  a classroom!

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be careful about the people who are around you! They might think you have a mental problem and may do some things for you such as taking you to a doctor or even to a mental health clinic. Do not forget to talk about your speaking program with them! 



Sometimes we say things that other people don’t understand, or we speak confusingly.

Here is an example conversation:

LUIZ: “English is a very easy language to learn.”

IRENE: “What do you mean?”

LUIZ: “Well, what I meant to say was that it is easy if you practice every day.”

IRENE: “Oh, right.”

Rephrasing expressions

“What I meant to say was…”

“Let me rephrase that…”

“Let me put this another way…”

“Perhaps I’m not making myself clear…”

Back to the beginning

If you’re explaining something, and you understand that the other person doesn’t understand(!), you can use the following phrases:

“If we go back to the beginning…”

“The basic idea is…”

“One way of looking at it is…”

“Another way of looking at it is…”

If you forget the English word

If you forget the word you want to use, you can say:

“I can’t find the word I’m looking for…”

“I’m not sure that this is the right word, but…”

“What I want to say is…”

Speaking Tip

Don’t be afraid to repeat what you’re saying, especially if you can do it in a little different way.

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