How To Avoid Procrastination

I have been often asking my students “What can be the most regrettable and depressing time of the year for a student?” Usually no one can answer! Well, you have sure experienced it at least once in your life! It is late in the afternoon on Farvardin 13th especially if it is on a Friday!!! I am sure you know why! Days have already gone by and you are going to face school again and you have not done anything you need to do! Even sometimes we have not been able to do the things we liked to do like watching one good English movie every day or seeing many interesting places of you own city or some things like that! It seems like a force stopped you from doing the right things you wanted! You always told yourself “There is always tomorrow! I will start tomorrow!….” Well, we call that “force” procrastination which is not from outside but from inside! From us! This post helps you attack your most dangerous enemy: Procrastination!


To solve the problem of procrastination ask these questions about your goals first:

What do you want to do?

  • The Final Goal, the End Result

It may be obvious but most of the times it can be a very general idea. Do not worry if you are not completely sure about your far-away goals! Just have an idea!

  • The Major Steps to Get There

Again may be it is hard to predict all the details of your way to the big goal! Ok! Don’t think about all the small things related to that: think big

  • Your Record of The Past

Maybe you think you have not done anything for getting to your big goal! But think again! You will see that you are already gone part of the way. After all and at least you have already thought about your goals and the ways of getting to them seriously by starting to read this post! Always remember that “The longest journey begins with a first step.”

Why do you want to do it?

  • Your Major Motivation

Sometimes our motivations are negative! The first step is to be honest to ourselves and try to work on it and change it into a positive version!

  • Other Good Things From Your Major Goal

When you find these small but nice things, it will help have some new ideas for better goals and better future: Do not be afraid of dreaming!

What may cause problems for you?

Look for probable trouble in your way! When you find the problem(s)

  • Things You Need.

Things are not all physical (i.e. tools and money, power…).Sometimes they are time, people/professionals/elders, even your way of thinking.

  • The Horrible Future

Always remember what will happen if you cannot get to your goals! It does not hurt to scare yourself a little!

Do you have a to-do-list?

This is very important to have something on paper or screen to look at sometimes! Here you can learn more about making a to-do-list.

  • Not For Ever On One Task

A good schedule (to –do-list) will help you know how much time you have and how much time you need for a goal!

  • Work Time and Play Time

This helps you get a good habit of working! You know when it is work time and when is the time of playing! I mean the time for other fun things to do!

Do You Like Your Work Place?

Make your work place an enjoyable environment (for working of course). This helps you not be afraid of starting to work.

Do You Reward Yourself?

When you finish a task properly give yourself a gift! Do something that you like! But be careful to know how much time this reward is going to take.

Are You Comfortable With These?

  • False starts and mistakes

As learning experiences, they are great teachers and never try to ignore them! They can be more important than successes,and give meaning to “experience”

  • Distractions

Do not say that distractions do not exist. They are always there: TV, computer, face book, friends, going out, movies, you favorite book, the Internet, eating,… . Instead try to make them be not effective on you! Vaccinate yourself against them!

  • Emotion

Frustration come to you when things don’t seem to be OK,  you don’t understand something, you got “one” bad grade or two,…Accept that you have a problem, but also think that you are doing something about it.

  • Fantasy

See yourself as a successful person in the future. Dream of the future when you have succeeded and are happy!

Remember that you need lots of time and practice to get rid of procrastination! It is so intelligent and powerful! But you can be more!

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    i was really upeset that i have to go to the school tomorrow but after reading this i imagined my future after studying and it really help me thank Y ou

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      If only one single person likes and more importantly uses them….:-)

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