How to Answer Listening Comprhension Questions

“Listening! The word that shakes most learners of English with fear! It seems so difficult to them that they sometimes have no hope for answering any of the questions! Something that can easily bring them the red grade in the grade sheet of the teacher! Bad listening equals failure!….”

Do you think your listening is bad? Have these thoughts ever come to your mind and stopped you from even thinking that listening can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the best grade out of the final exam!? Just do not run away from it! Look at it, go for it and it is over! Just remember the following pieces of advice and try them this term!

Before the exam

The ingredients

You cannot understand anything in a foreign language if you do not know the grammar and vocabulary of the sentences that the speakers are using in the conversation. So, it is the first and the most important to study the grammar and vocab of your book.

Listen, listen, and listen!

Practice listening out of the class! Fortunately listening is one of the things that you can practice anywhere! Use you cell phone or a simple CD player and listen to English on a bus, subway,..nearly anywhere!

At the exam

Ready? Go!

If you have learned the vocabulary and the grammar, everything is going to be alright! Just calm down, relax and listen!

It is for your level

The conversations and the passage are for your level! So they are not going to be too difficult! If you listen carefully, you will understand! Be sure about it!

It is like an orange!

You do not have to understand all the words and sentences that you hear! There are some parts that can help you answer the question(s) and the rest of them are good for nothing. It is like an orange! Just eat the flesh and throw the skin away!

Hey, the questions!

If you want to enjoy the flesh of you orange, look for it! It means you should read the questions carefully! Understand what the question wants and just listen to find those answers! Remember just look for the answers!

Too dark! Too colorful!

A standard listening must not be too difficult! It must not be too easy, either! Usually there are some short parts that are too easy and some other short parts are too difficult! Do not worry! They are short and most of the times your answers are not in these parts! These parts are just for making you busy! Do not worry about them!

It is not time for learning!

Do not forget that it is the exam time! Practice time is over! Here you are at the exam to answer the questions and go home! YOU CAN LEARN LATER! So if you do not understand something, do not stick to it and let it go! Just the flesh! Remember?

Like reading?

Yes, some techniques of answering listening comprehension questions can be like reading comprehension techniques! See what they are here.

Write them down!

You cannot write in the exam paper at the ILI! Ok, but how about the back of you answer sheet!? Yes you can write anything you want in any language you know! Feel free! It is yours! Write the things that you think are important !

The last one!

You still can’t be sure about the right answers!?? Well,  Ok! There are no negative points for wrong answers! Sooo, guess the answer and fill the answer sheet! After all you cannot do anything else .It sometimes works and is not risky!

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