Here Get Some Memorization Techniques!

Once, before I started to study English as a major, I asked my English teacher about the best way to learn English and, to my surprise he repeated the word “vocabulary”! So I took this piece of valuable advice and got what I wanted! But the problem is most of us do not know much about how to memorize new words and how to keep them longer in our memory for future use! Well here are the following techniques with their exercises that use associations with letters, images, maps, etc. to help you remember.

Remember that some of these techniques might be the best for you and some might not!! So choose the best one! Some people use letters, some images, even songs. Each depends on how comfortable you are with, or how useful they are to your way of thinking!


An acronym is a combination of letters. Each letter suggests an item that you need to remember.


ROY G. BIV, the colors of the visible spectrum
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet



An acrostic is a sentence or poem with a first letter help: The first letter of each word shows an idea you need to remember.


You can memorize the planets of the solar system by using and acrostic:

“My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nothing”

My : Mercury

Very : Venus

Excellent: Eatrh

Mother: Mars

Just: Jupiter

Served: Saturn

Us: Uranus

Nothing: Neptune


Rhyme-Keys: (for ordered or unordered lists)
First, memorize key words that can be associated with numbers.


bun = one

shoe = two

tree = three

door = four

hive = five etc.

Then you can imagine a picture of all these words with their numbers like: “There is one bun and two shoes on the table….”


The Method of Loci: (for approximately twenty words)
Select any place that you have spent a lot of time in and know well.(like your friend’s apartment) .Imagine yourself walking through the place and choose some places for example the door, sofa, refrigerator, shelf, etc. Now imagine yourself putting objects (the words) that you need to remember into each of these places by walking through the apartment in a direct path. Again, you need to make a story with some people who are doing some things with the items in this apartment …


My teacher is sitting on the sofa working on his “essay” and my family doctor is watching TV ….


The Keyword Method

First, after considering the word you need to remember, select a key word in your language that sounds like the English word. Next, imagine an image which involves the key word with the English meaning of the foreign word.


Consider the Spanish word “cabina” which means “phone booth.” For the English keyword, you might think of “cab in a … .” You could then invent an image of a cab trying to fit in a phone booth. When you see the word “cabina” on the test, you should be able to recall the image of the cab and you should be able to retrieve the definition “phone booth.”


The Image-Name Technique: (for remembering names)

Simply invent any relationship between the name and the physical characteristics of the person.


If you had to remember Shirley Temple’s name, you can memorize it by seeing that she has “curly” (rhymes with Shirley) hair around her temples.


Chaining: (for ordered or unordered lists)

Create a story where each word or idea you have to remember helps you remember the next idea you need to remember. If you had to remember the words Napoleon, ear, door, and Germany, you could invent a story.


“Napoleon with his ear to a door listening to people speak in German.”

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