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George Gordon was a famous Christian historian, linguist, philosopher and poet of Egypt. Arabic was his mother tongue, at the same time he spoke English, French, German, Persian and Latin well. He talks about Hazrat Ali (a.s):

“Nobody can introduce Ali (a.s) well. There are so many good things about him that we will start loving him. (Although he was not a prophet), he was a very careful follower of Islam. He was a great man .He never cheated, misled, or betrayed anybody. In different periods of his life he showed great power of body and mind which were because of his true belief in Islam, truth and justice. He never had a servant and never allowed his workers to work hard. Often he carried his household goods himself and if anybody wanted to help him, he would refuse….”

Hazrat Ali (a.s) was born in the Holy Kaaba at Mecca on Friday, the 13th day of Rajab, 600 A.D. the Holy Kaaba was a sacred place and when Fatima (Ali’s mother) was praying near Kaaba she felt a lot of pain when Ali (a.s) was going to be born. The wall of the House was broken into two parts by a miracle, to accept her inside, and when she entered, that part of the wall returned to its normal position. The Kaaba was closed, with Fatima inside. This news moved fast all over Mecca. They brought the keys to unlock the doors but they could not until Fatima came out after three days with the baby in her arms…


His greatness

All Muslim researchers together agree that none of other people around the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was so much loved by God ( in the Quran) and His Prophet except Ali(a.s) and for this reason the Bani Umayyah were jealous of him and started to hate him….

The Holy Prophet said so many sentences about the good character of Imam Ali (a.s). After the Holy Prophet it was Hazrat Ali (a.s) who spent most of his time for the worship of God. He was the only person of his time who mastered the Holy Qur’an. Wise men from East and West came to learn from his Knowledge….

For years Ali (a.s) lived in an excellent atmosphere by the side of Muhammad (PBUH) and was liked very much by him.  He learnt how to worship God from Muhammad’s prayers. During hard times Ali (a.s) was with the prophet and during the victory and good times he was with him, too. Most of the persons who accepted Islam had worshiped the idols in the past. However, Ali (a.s) had always worshiped God from childhood….


His Belief

Ali (a.s) was well-known for his worship to God. He was always trying hard for human life and prosperity. He was always fighting against the bad qualities of some people. He followed the truth even in very hard situations. Imam Ali (a.s) says: “One group worships God to get good things. This is the worship of the businessmen. Another group worships God because they are afraid. This is the worship of the slaves. A third group worships Him to thank Him. This is the worship of the free man”.


His Bravery


Imam Ali (a.s) was so brave and was in many wars and he was never defeated. The enemy’s soldiers was afraid of that part of the battle field where Ali (a.s) was fighting and said that the death angel is in that part.

But historians all agree that he hated wars and did not fight except when no other way was left. He always tried to solve problems without fighting. He advised his son Hasan (A.S) not to invite anyone to fight with him. He never started fighting until they began the war themselves.

His Humility

Ali (a.s) was humble. He hated to be proud. Even as Caliph he used to sweep the floor of his own house, cut wood for fire, carry water on his shoulders, repair his own shoes, wash his own clothes and milk his goat. Ali’s wife, Fatimah (a.s)  ,did similar household jobs with her own hands, grinding wheat in the hand-mill, baking bread, lighting the oven, washing the dishes and tending to her children. Ali (a.s) disliked some of his friends praising him too much and also he disliked to be talked about badly by his enemies. He has said: “Persons of two types are wrong about me. The friends who have shown my qualities bigger that my real character and my enemies”. He did not show pride and he did not humiliate himself unnecessarily-. He showed himself as he really was.


His Justness

One day Ali (a.s) saw his armor in the hands of a Christian. He took him to a judge give his armor back to him. Ali (a.s) said: “This armor is mine. I did not sell it and I did not give it to anyone as a present”. The judge asked the other person: “What do you say about it?” The Christian said: “This armor is mine. But I cannot say Ali (a.s) is a liar”. Then the judge looked at Ali (a.s) and said: “Can you bring anybody to say this armor is yours?” Ali (a.s) smiled and said: “You are right. I cannot bring anybody to say that.”The judge gave the armor to the Cristian man and he left. After a few steps, however, the Cristian man returned and said: “I must say that this behavior is like prophets, because Ali(a.s) who is the commander of the Muslims and has a lot of power has come to the judge with me and the judge decided against him”.((like today in many free modern countries of the world who follow this Islamic rule)) Then He added: “O The Son of Abi Taleb, God knows that this armor is yours and I lied”.


His Zuhd

….Imam Ali (a.s):The cows fill their stomachs for pleasure and lie down to rest .The goats graze, eat green grass, and enter their houses. Should Ali (a.s)in a similar way eat whatever he can and then lay his hands on his stomach and lie down to take a nap’? Congratulations! Because, if he does that’ after long years he is following the wild grazing animals and the cows!!….


Ali(a.s) and Charity

….Ali(a.s) was always extremely poor, but he was as very famous for his charities. Because he never kept any money or things of his own. Whenever he got his part on”Ghanima” (booty) or “Fay” , he immediately gave it to all the poor and unhappy people, untill nothing remained for himself or his family.


Imam Ali’s Marriage

During the second year of Hijrah, Hazrat Ali’s (a.s) marriage with Fatima, the only daughter of the holy Prophet, took place. Someone suggested to Hazrat Ali (a.s) that he should talk to the Holy Prophet about his interest in Fatima (a.s). Ali(a.s) went to the Prophet feeling shy and modest, but when Muhammad(PBUH) heard this he was so pleased that he smiled and said, “Ahlan wa Merhaban” (It is a welcome and happy proposal.) Then the very simple marriage was held. Then The Holy prophet said to Ali (a.s) lucky you! Of all the good and virtuous women of the world, your wife is queen.” Then looked at Fatima and said, “Of all the good and virtuous men of the world your husband is the king. The wedding dinner was dates and olives. The bride had only a pair of silver armlets, two shirts, one head tiara, one leather pillow full of palm leaves, one grinding mill, one drinking cup, two large jars and one pitcher. This was all, from the money that Imam Ali (a.s) had from selling his shield. The Holy Prophet called Fatima the best of the women of Paradise and superior to all of them. 




Ibne Muljam, may God curse him, saw that the only time that he could attack Ali (a.s) was when he was saying prayers. So he went to the mosque on the night of Ramazan 19th and waited for hazrat Ali (a.s). On that night people were in the mosque for “Itekaf”….Imam Ali (a.s) was wounded by the poisonous sword on that night …Three days later, on Ramazan 21st, people of the world lost Ali (a.s) when he was 63 years old. It is interesting that some people of (Shaam) today’s Syria got surprised when they heard that Ali (a.s) had been assassinated in a mosque and asked:

“Why was he in a mosque?

What was he doing there?

Did Ali say prayers??!!” ..


If we wanted to talk about Imam Ali(a.s) more ,we had to spend months to gather the information from different websites and books. This post is a very short introduction from this source.

Here Listen To The Tragic Event of Imam’s Martyrdom & Historic Part of His Advice :

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