E Bombs?

What Are E Bombs?


Anyone who’s has the experience of not having electricity at home or work for a long time knows that it’s a very hard situation. During the first hour, you will understand how useful electricity is in our lives. A couple of hours later, you start walking your house because you can’t do anything. After a few days without lights, electric heat or TV, your stress level shoots through the roof!!!

But it is nothing when you look at this situation in a bigger picture: If this happens in a city, and there aren’t enough proper emergency helps, people may die, companies may lose millions of dollars,…. Now if this happens to a large area of a country, it could shut down government organisations and military units. We really need electricity badly and when it is not there, things get very bad, very fast.

the makers of electromagnetic bombs, or e-bombs knew about it. But instead of cutting off power (electricity) in an area, an e-bomb destroys most machines that use electricity. Generators will be useless, cars will not start, and you can’t make any phone calls. In just a few seconds, a big enough e-bomb can send a big city back to 200 years before when there was no electricity.

The Basic Idea

If you suddenly give a large magnetic field to machines that use electricity ,it makes a lot of currents in them and cuases them to burn in just a few seconds.

What can cause this big magnetic field?

1- The Nuclear EMP

In 1958, American tests of hydrogen bombs showed some surprising things. A test explosion over the Pacific Ocean caused streetlights to burn and break in parts of Hawaii that was hundreds of miles away. The explosion even caused problems for radios in Australia. This was because Compton Effect in physics. If a nuclear bomb explodes about 50 kilometers above the United States, the resulting electromagnetic field would knock out all electrical equipment across the United States. An e bomb is for doing this but only to a smaller area of a country.

2- Non-nuclear EMP Weapons

Many people believe that these weapons were used in a war with Iraq but we do not know exactly how.Most probably, the e-bombs aren’t really bombs at all. They’re probably more like super powerful microwave ovens that can make a lot of microwave wave energy and send it to an area. One way of sending this energy is to put the microwave generator on a cruise missile to move around an area and stopping machines on the ground .

What exactly happens after an E bomb is used?

An E-bomb attack keeps buildings safe and people alive. So E bomb  technology is good because it is not for killing people, but it can destroy a lot of things like anything that uses electricity( from your watch to radar systems):

These bombs were very useful in attacking Iraq, because they shut down underground buildings. shut down their lights, air conditioning systems(for giving oxygen to soldiers), communications an even electric doors and made Iraqi soldiers leave the buildings themselves after a couple of hours.

But sometimes E bombs can easily kill people in some situations. For example, if a hospital’s electricity goes out, any patient on life support will die immediately. An E -bomb can also stop vehicles, like airplanes.

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