5 different Types of English classes to Choose From

Nowadays there are many types of English classes for new English learners, but only 5 of them are the most famous. After you read this article you can decide what kind of class you have and you need

1- Grammar-based (The Old Way)

This very old way of language learning teaches a lot of grammar and with much much explanations of the grammar rules! But language is not only grammar! It is one of its important parts!

I remember when I asked my high school teacher what part of English to study to be successful he said: “vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary and then grammar!” and it worked for me!

This is exactly like our school system. I mean our school teachers teach some words and then grammar and when we get our high school diploma, we can never speak the language!

2- One-to-one (Private Classes)

If you want to do something very special with a new language and you don’t have a lot of time or  you have any other reasons, you will choose a private class. Here in this type of class, the teacher can choose the lesson according to what you need. In a large class, each student may have a little time to talk to the teacher or ask questions, but here the whole class is between the student and the teacher which is very good for learning!

3- The mixed-skill group class (General English)

In this class, students have a lot of time to talk to and work with each other. There is of course grammar teaching, but it is used in communication and speaking not in written exercises. In these classes, students usually learn “General English” and the teacher chooses a course book that is good for all the learners and social situations.

4- Exam-preparation classes (EAP : English For Academic Purposes)

This type of class is very intense. It can be private or in a large class. It is for people who want to take some special English exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc. In these classes, students learn both the language and exam skills. In a general class, the teacher gives a lot of different activities, but in an exam preparation class, the activities are just for getting ready for that exam.

Remember, however, that before the teacher starts to work on special exam preparation activities, students must know enough general English!

5- Skills classes (ESP: English For Specific Purposes)

Many English classes focus on and practice one of the four language skills: Speaking, Reading, Listening or Writing. There are also classes for Business English, Aviation Classes, English for Tourism, etc. But here again knowing a little general English is necessary.


As I said, there are many kinds of language classes around the word according to what the students need. Any teacher of language academy must understand what the students need and why they want to learn a language before they start classes.

-Extracted from English Learning Journeys

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