10 Things That Will Send Your Resume To Wastebasket!

There are tons of web pages, books and stuff like that to tell us what the key things are to be put on a good resume like recent jobs ,important awards, academic degrees related to the job that you are applying for and surely a clear and easy way for possible companies to contact you. But what do you know about the things your future employee should never see on your resume? Are there any facts about you that might even disqualify you for the job?!

You know it may interest you to know that resume styles have changed a bit recently. In this post we are trying to introduce 10 resume killers that you do not want to waste your time and possibly your future on!


10 – Photograph

The first no-no is your picture! Except for the times you are applying for being an actor, a model or other jobs where your look is important, a photograph on your resume is a BIG mistake! Why? Employers have to be careful while they are choosing new staff. If you send your picture, they may be accused of hiring or rejecting people according to their look and appearance.Most employers throw away resumes with photographs immediately.


9- Physical attributes

This is basically like a photograph. The company does not need to know how tall you are, What color your hair is or if you are overweight or not! Also, they are not interested in knowing your physical disabilities. It is because the law does not allow them to reject applicants for their disability.

Remember that for some jobs you need to be physically ok! So in those situations and for those specific jobs, the company will ask you to mention your physical attributes or most of the time they will ask you about it during the interview.


8- Age

Yes, it is important to let the employer know you are experienced enough for the job, but again, according to the law, they need to be sensitive about this matter. Also, when you want to write about your educational history, you must delete, for example, the date of your graduation or other things like that. At the interview, the employers will find out about your age and there you can impress them about your skills and experience.


7-Marital Status or Number of Children

Well, if you really want to tell the company that you are going to be absent from work often or ask to leave work early because you need to take care of the kids, you have to pick up your kid  from the swimming pool twice a week, go ahead and tell them how many kids you have and how busy you are as a parent. Be sure that you parental skills or your successful marriage does not wow your employers.

On the other hand, newlyweds might not be very interesting to employers, either. They hate the staff to be asking for maternity or paternity leaves.

But, to be careful enough, and because employers must not hire people according to their family situation ,just do not write anything about this matter.


6- Hobbies

May be it is not because the company does not want to know about your hobbies. It is because you need to tell them about the more important things that are related to your job. That you are interested in collecting stamps is not related when you want to apply for a management job, is it?

If you really want to show that you have a balanced life with different interests, keep it for the interview and only after they ask questions about it!

Remember that there are always exceptions. For example, if you are applying for a designing job in car company, you should mention you are interested in collecting pictures of cars from around the world.


5- Political interests or Religion

The first reason is the old one: Employers must not hire or reject people based on their religion or their political parties. There is another reason, too. Who knows!? Maybe you boss hates the opinions that you have about politics and religion and simply throws your resume in the waste paper basket! In this case, if you are not applying to teach in religion school or stuff like that, be conservative and keep quiet until asked.


4- Too Detailed Explanations

From now on we are not going to talk about the unnecessary facts that might disqualify you for having a new job! It is mostly about the style of writing a resume. These might not be as dangerous as the first 5 mistakes, but they can make your resume the best. So you should leave them off!

We all like to give “enough” information about the education, jobs, and experience we have had in our life ,but most of the time it gets out of control and we end up in a biography-like narrative that is not interesting enough to the person who wants to read it. Write a functional resume rather than a chronological one! Instead of listing all your jobs you have had so far, choose the jobs that are related to this one that you are applying for with a date and give a short note under each job. But you should have good answers ready for the interview! There you can talk more. It’s much better to say, at the interview, that you stopped working for two years when you first child was born than writing” 2006-2008 – raised a kid” on your resume.


3- Objective

A resume must be a like a shop window where you can show what you have for selling. This is the objective of writing a resume. So you see that there is no need to put “Objective: To get a rewarding, well –paid position as an English teacher” in your resume. Instead, you can write what you are and why you are great for this position. “English teacher with 13 years of experience- teaching in best institutes of my area”. That will be more attractive.


2- Jobs That You Had More Than 10 Years Ago

The first reason for leaving off this item is that it can show you age and you now well know that talking about your age will hurts! And more importantly, the jobs and skills that you had long time ago are old and not usually very useful to an employer today. It can also seem like you are trying to fill your resume with this information because you didn’t have enough good experience in the last few years.

Naturally, if the job that you had many years ago was really important and specially impressive, you should include it . Here I am talking about people like astronauts or four-star generals.



The list of references is another dusty part of resume that was used in old times. Of course, you need a list of references but you should keep it on a separate piece of paper and wait until the employer(s) let you know that they need it. If you think you have cleverly found a way for this by writing “References available on request”, you are wrong. Of course, references should be available on request if you want to get the job.


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