10 Ways to Have Quiet Kids In Your Car Or Anywhere!

Have you ever had the idea of cancelling your trip because you do know how to keep the little unhappy creature(s)?

Planning ahead, well Equipped with some knowledge, and having a few things ready keeps your children happy and quiet which, if you are travelling by airplane, people on board will thank you for!

In this post we try to introduce 10 great ways to always manage kids in a car, on an airplane and even, maybe, on your next flight to Mars!

1- The Tried-and-True preventive Bribe

Even if some parents might be against this, bribery at the right time and right place will be so useful and one of best times to practice bribery is on a road or an air trip.

Just remember that it should be done before it’s too late: before any bad behavior! Now you judge this sentence if it has been said the right or wrong time: “if you stop calling your brother names we’ll Go to the next cities biggest amusement park”

2- Re-Schedule Naps

Although it is not easy to get your child to sleep in car or on a bus is easier said than done, if you can ,you will hopefully have a little silence around you on the vehicle!

For this, if you don’t want to go the dirty way and give the kid a dose of Antihistamine, try to adjust the infant’s nap time so that it is during the travel time or for older children, you can plan your travel time during their nap time!

3- Discharge The Battery

Kids are little balls of energy, and when that energy gets pent up, it can end up being released in the form of a whole lot of hollering, whining and crying. Getting some of that energy out of the way before you and your child are sealed into a moving vehicle can go a long way toward a quiet trip.

Kids are full of energy and when it is not released, it can show itself with lots of hollering, moaning and crying! So…plan a wear out session by paying a visit to the nearest park one hour before you start your trip. Let them run, play catch, do anything which gets the wonderful childhood energy out of them that can otherwise make the trip a horrifying experience for you, the parents!

Just remember that you don’t need to play with the kids because you need the energy!

 4- Food and Mood: Helpful in More Ways Than One

You know that neighbor’s kid horsing around in the yard all the time?! Most probably he got her mom to spend a little on some candy one hour before! Sugar is always bad anywhere but on trip, it is a disaster!!

Food is a great way to keep children quiet. But look for sleepy making low energy foods like protein and milk and give it to the kids both before and during your travel. Foods like this can somehow guarantee beautiful silence!

Note: Give them soda and end up with nervous breakdown!

5- Snack: An Occasional Problem Solver

I know that eating disorder and even childhood obesity is problem of our age, but how often you want to travel with your kids during a year? Make sure keeping children busy with some healthy snack once or twice a year will not harm them at all! Believe me! This way, even the highest-energy children will be entertained for a long time and it shows other passengers that you are really trying to keep the atmosphere calm and quiet!

6- Push The “Mute Bottom”

Even if some might be against using them, the only thing we know is that pacifiers keep little children quiet! Have some pacifiers ready for any trip and use them wisely!! If you think they are bad for children, at least use them during the takeoff and landing on a plane

Childhood means playing and games are the best things for this. Right games are even more reliable that the best superhero snack food. Find some low noise games you can play in a car or on a plane. There are many of them: Counting the red cars on the road! Guessing the names of other passengers! The list is endless!

 7- Make It a Classroom

Kids love to use paper and pencil wheatear for writing, drawing or just doodling! Pack along some books and other things for coloring. Reading a book silently on a plane is also perfect for some quiet time activity.

8- Go For a More Expensive Way

What can be better than a brand new toy to explore?

One of the best ways to have a quiet traveler is to gather up some toys before a trip, as many as you can easily carry, and make sure you’ve got some new ones among them. A never-before-seen toy can well keep your beloved silent for about 15 minutes which is great! You understand me here better if you have noisy kids!

9- Sometime Silence Costs a Bomb

Sure, a good parent never parks his/her child in front of TV for a long time, but just like medicine, it’s sometimes necessary to go high-tech to keep your children silently busy! DVD players, cellphones or hand held gaming systems will beautifully work everywhere.

In all of this child travel management, perhaps the most important thing to remember is to be a responsible citizen. If you try every method out there to keep your little flier quiet and nothing works, stay off planes for a while. At least in the car, your screaming angel won’t be running everyone else’s trip.


If you have tried all the methods to keep the piece and quite of your fellow travelers and nothing works, always remember it is very important to be a responsible towards other people’s right. I mean keep off trains, planes, or buses for some time. At least in your car, nobody has to hear your screaming angel for hours!

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