10 Things To Think About While Buying a Laptop

You want you think you need a laptop? That is the only question that comes to some people’s mind and it does not take them more than a few seconds to answer; “YES” and you head for a computer shop and….

You:” I need the latest laptop, I mean I want it to have everything..”

Happy Sales Person:” Well ‘if money does not matter, why not a …”

Well, if you really want to have the latest, most powerful one, that is another story..But what do you really need “the laptop” for?

In this post we are looking to help you buy what you need not what people say is cool!


In 1995, laptops were not only ugly but also heavy and expensive. Some thousand dollars were for a 4:3 screen, a funny keyboard and a hard drive with the capacity of some “mega”bytes.

Now the choices seem too many! There are desktop replacement laptops, ultra light laptops, very powerful systems for games and cheap net books for taking notes in class. You need to know exactly what you need.

10: Needs Analysis


First, think why you’re buying it. Is it for making PowerPoint presentations, taking notes or other simple tasks? Or do you want to watch high quality movies, play video games or have video communication with your friends?

Look at your pocket and your needs and you can easily find the right system.

9: Battery Life


Laptop is popular because it is mobile and for this reason, battery life is the most important thing to consider especially when you do not want to just sit at your desk and use your system. Pay careful attention to how long a laptop will be on with a battery.

These days with these thin laptops and their fixed battery systems it is nearly impossible to have some extra spare batteries to buy and replace them with each other. Also remember that the number of hours that laptop makers put on the box or in the manual often refer to light usage with a dimmed screen. Always reduce at least 1 or 2 hours form how long the company says the battery will last.


8: Size and Weight


Heavy laptops are more difficult to carry around. There are a couple ways to deal with this problem. You can always shop for a brand that puts a lot of importance on weight like Sony’s Vaio .Well, this may not agree with your pocket! The lighter, the more expensive! No problem! There is a second option: look for a computer with a smaller screen.


7: Screen Size and Resolution


Generally, there are three screen sizes: 13 inches (33 centimeters), 15 inches (38 centimeters) and 17 inches (43 centimeters).Again, the smaller the screen, the more easily you can carry the laptop. 15-inch and especially 17-inch laptops are big enough to be TV/computer monitors for watching video, but smaller screens are often lower resolution and are not good choices for videos or games.

Laptop makers will often use lower resolution displays to cut costs and therefore lower resolution laptops will more pocket friendly! But experts say you should go for the higher resolution screen when possible! It is worth the money.

6: Processor and Graphics


A computer’s processor helps it run programs well; Processors get faster and more powerful every year. Quad-core chips give more powerful performance, but sometimes even dual-core processors are enough for playing 1080p video and running heavy programs like Photoshop and you simply do not need a more powerful and expensive processor.

The graphics processor, or GPU, is important for playing HD video and playing games. Many laptops have integrated graphics that are less powerful but use battery charge and are powerful enough to play 1080p video. So think again and if you are not into movies or games ,save your money for the next part.

5: Memory


For many years, all laptops saved data on discs called hard drives. Most of them still do, but solid state drives are technically more reliable because solid state drives don’t have moving parts to get damaged because of bumps and small, gentle hits .On the other hand, solid state memories are expensive and don’t save as much data as hard drives do. If you do not want to spend too much for storage on your computer, it means you are planning to use the internet cloud

Random access memory (RAM) is more important. Every software on a computer and the operating system stores data in RAM. The more RAM you have, the better! It is wise to spend money for this part!

4: Do you need a CD/DVD Drive?


CD drives are not used as much as before because of cheap flash memories and cloud storage on the Internet .When was the last time you burned a CD? Do you watch DVDs on your computer? If not do not go for laptops with an optical drive!

Also, you can always use an external hard drive or flash drive to transfer files from a computer that does have a disc drive.

3: Ports


Every computer user knows what a USB port is. You might be really thankful when you make sure your laptop has the latest model of USB ports.

There are also other ports to consider. There are HDMI to connect to a TV, an SD card slot for getting your digital camera photos,and also an Ethernet port for Internet.

If you want to keep a laptop for several years, you must learn to customize or expand it.

2: Security Features


We keep lots of personal information on our computers. There’s always a risk because laptops are much easier to steal than desktop machines. Some laptops are built with higher security and naturally higher costs. For example, fingerprint scanners are found on many business systems today.

Many laptops also have Kensington security slots “fasten” a laptop to a table or kiosk. Durability is also important for security. Some more expensive laptops get little damage when dropped on a hard surface.

1: Warranty and Release Cycles


It is not pleasant to buy something that will be old fashioned in just a few months. Well, you can’t forget buying something forever because it might be out dated soon. Even if you have to spend a little more money, buy the model that has just come to the market.

Choosing a warranty isn’t easy. If you usually damage things in accidents buy a longer warranty. It will cost much more but you’ll be happy when you accidentally step on your screen and break the LCD/LED. But if you have no money for long, all damage warranty, just don’t drop your new laptop!


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