10 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For You!

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP):

”Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding”

Swimming regularly can be so beneficial to anyone especially the elderly. In this post we will talk about 10 ways getting into the water can increase your well-being.

10- Better Than Any Other Aerobics

Yeah! It is better because it does not put that much pressure on your skeleton. It’s water that causes your body to become lighter: when you are in water up to your neck, you have to carry only 10% of your own weight! It is a very good condition for working on stiff muscles and painful joints. A few minutes of swimming stretches muscles, strengthens them, and provides an aerobic workout especially if there is warm water for swimming. It is something great for those who suffer from arthritis.

9- Get Strong and Firm Muscles

Ever seen professional swimmers? They never look weak or flabby. Yes, swimming helps them be like that better than any other aerobic exercises! A runner, for example, uses mostly his legs and air is thinner that water. Water is 12 times denser that air and causes more resistance while your body is moving through it and resistance exercises are the best.

And to finish it the best way: Swimming is also good for bone strength especially for elderly women.

8- Become More Flexible

At the gym, on those machine, you work on a specific part of your body at a time. However, when you are swimming, nearly all major parts of your body work out at the same time: Arms, the whole legs, the head, and the neck. Also when you are moving forwards, you stretch your body and that is great for your body’s flexibility! Even if you want more stretching exercise, water provides a wonderful environment for longer stretching exercises.

7- Swimming: A Great Friend For Heart

The most important muscle in our body: the heart

Swimming is an aerobic exercise and it causes a stronger, larger and healthier heart plus a better blood circulation. Also, swimming like any other aerobic exercise, can prevent blood pressure. 

6- A Good Gift For Weight Watchers

It is wrong to think that because water is cooler than our body, we can hardly lose weight by swimming. Swimming is now considered a big calorie burner: Generally speaking, you can burn 100 calories for each 10 minute of swimming. The best way to burn the most calories is to swim like this:

  • About 45 meters – 10 seconds rest
  • About 90 meters – 10 seconds rest
  • About 140 meters – 10 seconds rest

Do it up to about 280 meters with 10 second rests and then start again but this time from the end to the beginning: Start swimming about 280 meters to 45 meters with 10-second intervals.

5- Even For Asthma!

Moist air is much better than the dry air of the gym and a swimming pool provides it for you. This helps reduce some of asthma symptoms. It’s not only the moist air that helps, even swimming itself has been proved to be good for this disease. Plus, it decreases snoring and mouth breathing.

 4- Cholesterol Killer

It is good for health to have high levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL) while (LDL) is a No No  ! Swimming does it for you! Here it how it works: 1% rise in HDL decreases the risk of a heart attack by 3.5%!!

What? Endothelium? Oh yes. You mean the thin layer of cells inside your arteries that help them be flexible? Yeah. Swimming like other aerobic exercises increases it and your arteries stay fit!

3- Diabetes Off

As for this disease, burning 500 calories a week with the help of aerobic exercise decreases the risk for joining the family of diabetics and, surprisingly, only 30 of breaststroke swimming can burn your 900 calories! Isn’t that great! 

 2- Less Stress, High Spirits and a Great Brain

Maybe the experience you have had while swimming in a pool can be expressed this way: You feel “the happiest of mortals in the happiest moods and in the most complete enjoyment of the happiest of exercises!” as William Wilson puts it.

Well he was right as studies show that swimming increases all feel-good hormones called endorphins. Also, interestingly, swimming is a good rival for yoga in causing relaxation response: all that constant stretching, rhythmic breathing, and meditation-inducing sound of your breathing and splash of water.

The cells that our brain loses through stress are also replaced while exercising in your watery gym!

1- You Just Might See More of Your Birthdays

Well, if you still want to give going to the nearest swimming pool a second thought, how about this: You can live longer! Period!

Ummm.. Well… Of course we are talking of natural life span. Who knows one does not meet his/her creator in an accident on the way to the swimming pool!

(From : 10 Health Benefits of Swimming )


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