10 Quick Ways To Kiss Your Future Job Goodbye!

Job interviews are stressful, alright! We have to consider many things to have a good interview, ok! But it is surprising to know how many people do things against themselves at the very beginning of the interview before answering a single question.

This post helps people who want to ruin their interview and be sure that they will walk out of the office jobless. If you want to learn the best ways, keep reading.


10- Be late

This is the rule No.1. Even if you completely follow all the other rules, you will not be hired if you are late. Being late for a job interview, for whatever reason, shouts “I am unreliable”.

Oh yes, there is one acceptable excuse and that is a natural disaster like earthquakes, flooding and the like.

So remember to make sure you have enough time for traffic, bad weather, getting lost or transportation problems. Find the place of your interview the day before not to lost your way.


9- Be impolite

Even the receptionist or the secretary should be respected. You should be nice to all the people that you might meet at the job interview. And do not forget that rudeness is a two way street and it also ruins the chances of getting a job!


8- Sound not friendly

Having no job for some time makes people a bit bitter and impatient. It is understandable. But it is not something that the employer wants. When the interviewer asks, “Why are looking for a job?” never say “Because my boss is stupid” Instead, say that you can’t get along any more with my employer. Leave your bitter language for your friends at coffee shop!


7- Answer your cell phone!

“The woman was interviewing when her husband called her after a long time of serving in the military! The woman excused and talked privately to her spouse and of course was sure that she would never get the job…”

Talking on the cell phone or even your cell phone’s ringing is a big mistake. Maybe the interviewer takes some phone calls, but YOU should not! Tell the people who might call or text you before you go to the interview, and for those unexpected calls or text messages, put your phone on silent mode before entering the office.


6- Lie!

Most of us leave a job because of some bad things that happened at work and we want to hide them or many people want to add some spice to their resume. But the best way is telling the truth. Remember that employers want honest employees .If they understand that you have lied during the interview, and sure they will, they will show you the door. So you had better go with the saying “Honesty is the best policy.”


5- Swear and use bad words

A job interview is not a casual conversation in a bar or coffee shop! It is a very formal talk and dirty words are forbidden. Even if your interviewer does not watch his/her tongue, you must not feel comfortable and swear, too! You will have enough time for using street language when you get the job or when you don’t!


4- Be too silent or too talkative!

Interview is a time to show yourself. Everyone has some shyness but you need to talk about your job experiences shortly and interestingly.

At the same time, do not close your eyes and start talking about your whole life story. Just give enough information to answer the questions. Sometimes, when you answer the question wrongly, the interviewer stays silent. If this happens, after you answered the question, just keep quiet and if it continues, ask a question like “Did I answer your question?” or ” Would you like me to tell you more?”


3- Show improper body language

Although you might be very careful and even a bit stressed about what you are saying and how you say it, your body should tell another story.

A good hand shake is saying” I am glad to be here meeting you!” When you sit down, never move too much, rub the back of your head, neck or nose. Don’t shake your leg or drum your fingers. They all show rudeness and lack of interest. Crossing your arms is big mistake; it shows you are disengaged or mad.

What should you do? Sit up straight and lean a bit forward. Sometimes nod in agreement and look straightly in their eyes. When you leave, shakes hands confidently. All these show you are interested and engaged.


2-Ask about vacations things about money!

Vacation, salary, Insurance and other things are important. But experienced people say you should not ask about them right away. If your employer talks about it, then you ask. I mean wait for the right moment. Say something nice and positive first. Then go for the hard question and then again end with a positive sentence.


1- Don’t know the company!

Doing your homework before going to an interview is important. Prepare some information and questions about the company and never ask, “What does your company do?”

Asking questions in the right way about the company is good. But don’t ask questions with clear answers or the questions that have their answer on the company’s website.



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