10 Questions That You Want To Ask Your English Teacher Again

Now that you are reading this page, you have learned enough words and grammar here and there in different classes from different teachers! But there are some small interesting things that…. For example have you ever asked what do English people call the little dot on top of an ‘i’ ? or did you know that there are only two words in the English language that end with “gry”? No? Well, get ready, because you’re about to learn them now!

  • What is the shortest word that has all five main vowels in English?

The shortest word that has all five main vowels is ‘eunoia’. It means ‘beautiful thinking’ or a state of having “normal mental health”.

  • What is the longest word with only one vowel in the English language?

The longest word that has just one vowel is ‘strengths’ (It is 9 letters long).

  • How many words are there in English that end with “-dous”?

We have just 4 words that finish with ‘-dous’. Here they are :‘tremendous’, ‘stupendous’, ‘hazardous’ and ‘horrendous’.

  • What is the oldest word in the English language?

The oldest?  ‘town’.

  • What is the longest one syllable word in English?

The longest word that has one syllable is ‘screeched’.

  • Which word In English is the longest that has all its letters in alphabetical order?

The word is ‘almost’.

  • How many words in the English language end with “-gry”

The only two words that finish with that are ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’.

  • What is the longest English word that has no main vowel?

‘rhythms’ is the answer.

  • What is the word for the small dot (.) over the ι in letter “i”?

The dot on the top is called a ‘tittle’.

  • What is the most frequent word that we use in conversations?

The most frequently -used word in conversations is ‘I’.


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