10 Most Dangerous Foods You Have Everyday

There no doubt that hot dog, sausage, bologna etc are delicious! But if you talk to a food expert you will find out that the things like sodium, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates that are in some foods are much more what we need. Which foods are they? Yes, I agree that they are many!! Yes, we cannot say goodbye to all of them in this modern (?) life but we can sure avoid the worst and most dangerous but harmless-looking ones. In this post, we are going to read about 10 of these absolutely unhealthy foods.



Let’s say that they are liquid candy. They are sugar bombs that can cause cancer, hormone problems, fatness, early aging, tooth problems, memory problems, nervous system problems, and skin problems. Good Ha?!

9- Artificial Sweeteners (fake sugar)


Some may say that “well, if soda is a sugar bomb, we can have diet soda! There is no sugar in it!” .Yes, artificial sweeteners are low in calories, but that does not mean they are good for you.

There are five artificial sweeteners in the world that some doctors say are “safe” for human to eat. Some of these sweeteners have a little bad taste. But that is not the only bad thing about them. You don’t know?! Ok. They can cause weight gain (This is the reason which some people drink diet soda for), metabolic problems, and type 2 diabetes, and heart problems.

8-Shelf –Stable Condiments


Condiments are things that give food a special flavor like mustard, ketchup, salt, spices etc. Well, you may say that they are not too bad! Yes, but we are talking about the ones that you can see in small containers or packets that you most often get from your favorite fast food restaurant with your food. Remember? Yes, those ones. They are tasty and easy to use everywhere and they do not need a refrigerator! But they seem to be too good!!!

Why can we keep them out of the refrigerator? Preservatives and additives and other activities are the answer. Artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, salt, bad fats, chemical materials, anti foaming materials, are added and any fiber, good fats, and other good materials are removed form at the factory for you!

7-Swordfish and Some Tuna


Fish is healthy food, alright. They have lots of protein and fats. They also have some mercury, too. And some fish like Albacore tuna and, sword fish, shark have more mercury than other kinds of fish like light tuna. Mercury can harm developing brain and nervous system. So pregnant women, mothers with babies and children must nut eat them.

6-Processed Meat


Yes, unfortunately that is true. We are talking about bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausages, salami and any other delicious ready to eat meat. They can cause heart problems and some cancers. These foods contain much more sodium and preservatives, cholesterol, and bad fats than other unprocessed meat.

5- Microwave Popcorn


“Popcorn?!”  You may be surprised, but that’s true. Popcorn you buy at the theatre or from a popcorn street vendor can be fatty and a bit harmful but that is not on the list of the worst foods. Here we are talking about the popcorn that is in the closed bag and you need to microwave and then open it for eating. The chemicals and flavoring materials can cause breathing problems as well as Alzaymer’s disease. Also, the materials used in the bag can cause problems, too.

4- Bagels and the Family


By family I mean all types of bread that are made with refined white flour. Refined white flour is flour without all the good vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These products can cause fatness, diabetes type 2 and heart diseases. They not only make us fat, but make it hard to lose weight. It is bread with whole grains flour which is real good bread.

3- Stick (Solid) margarine/butter


If your butter or margarine is not liquid in ordinary conditions, it’s the fats that are making it bad: Saturated fat which can cause fatness, high cholesterol level, heart disease and stroke. Some of these products also have trans fats which are one the worst fats for us to eat.

2- Dairy


“Milk! Yogurt! Ice cream! Are they bad, too?!”, You may shout in shock. The answer is yes and no! If you can find organic milk and other dairy products, you are so lucky and do not need to read this section. If not, you cannot escape the bad fats which can cause heart problems, stroke and swelling in parts of your body. They also have other unhealthy things like bovine growth hormone that is given to cows to produce more milk which is bad for both the cow and human.

1- Deep Fried Foods of Any Kind


Few people can say no to fried foods. One problem is that when you fry foods in such high temperature oil, the food may form poisonous chemicals. So, fried foods can cause both too much weight and other health problems like stroke and cancers.

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