10 Most Alien Looking Places On Earth

You don’t need to travel far into the galaxy to experience alien terrain and, maybe, scenery. More importantly, there is the potential danger of being attacked by the “hospitable” creatures of the area. Well, joking apart, even if one day human can afford extraterrestrial travelling, I’d believe “sightseeing starts from home”. In this post we are trying to introduce 10 alien looking places where sometimes have been the locations for some movies like “the Planet of the Apes”.


10- Atacama Desert, Chile

It is scientifically called the absolute desert. No rain has ever been recorded for this area 1000 km and because of this area has no vegetation. The sand dunes and lava flows from volcanoes make the visitor expect to see robots or strange looking spacecrafts. That’s why NASA usually uses this area for their tests.


9- Craters of the Moon, National Monument and Preserve, Idaho

This 1600 square kilometer area amazingly looks like an area on the moon that has been hit by hundreds of meteors. of course Earth version of the land has been formed by movement of Earth crust throughout 30 million years ,not by meteors.


8-McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

This frozen desert which has nearly no ice looks more like the surface of Pluto rather than the Earth. The 15000 square meter area was formed by glaciers that disappeared long time ago and left pebbles and bigger round rocks on their path plus sea sediments, ash, sand an soil. Because there is no ice, scientists like this area for their researches about the Earth.


7-Etosha pan, Namibia

There is a lake on Saturn’s moon, Titan that looks just like a place back home on Earth. This dried lake on Earth fills with a shallow layer of water during the wet season and the fluid disappears during the dry season. Etosha means “great white place” in the native language. Simply put this spot looks over worldly.


6-Richat Structure, Mauritania

Sure you have seen the Great Red Spot on Jupiter which is actually a giant storm about three times bigger that our planet, Earth. Richat Structure is an enormous circular swirl which, from space, looks like the Jupiter’s Red Spot. It has the diameter of 50 km. In 1960, astronauts first believed it to be formed by a gigantic meteor but actually it was made by erosion.


5- Deep Ocean Thermal Vents, Galapagos Rift, Pacific Ocean

This is the most seemingly alien place on Earth. The vents go as deep as 2 km and the water is sometimes as hot as 400 degrees Celsius .The temperature melts some salt and metal and forms the surface like this. Interestingly, some bacteria live inside the vents which scientists believe to be the primitive forms of life in oceans.


4-Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Venus is the planet that has the most volcanoes in the solar system. And Hawaii’s Big Island is the closest thing on Earth to Venusian environment. There have been more than 34 eruptions at Kilauea since 1952.


3-The Pinnacles , Australia

The weirdest landscape on Earth! This Australian dessert has thousands of rocks projecting from yellow sand dunes. These lime stone formations some of which are as tall as 3.5 meters ,were made by wind, vegetations, rain, sun and time over millions of years.


2-Rio Tinto, Spain

For hundreds of years this area has been used as a gold or silver mine and even today copper and sulfur are found plentifully in this place. But because of the pollution from mining throughout thousands of years, the water has become like the form scientists expect to find on Mars or Jupiter’s moon, Europa. It has high acidity, heavy metals and iron and sulfur oxidizing bacteria.


1-Waiotapu, New Zealand

Imagine an alien world with the surface of bubbling bright orange and yellow liquid .An area which is covered with steamy mist! This is what exactly Waiotapu, an 18 square kilometer area in New Zealand, looks like. This dormant volcano is a tourist attraction.


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